Sunday, 30 September 2012

S e a s & †rees

Different scenes painting many pictures; some bright and joyful some grey and dark. Dark, cool greens; whirling, energetic blues; a shock of the brightest yellow.

Painting these pictures were okay; it was somewhat enjoyable but not frustrating. Sticking to one representation of an object, keeping it present and not dithering was a little hard. I found that drawing our pictures in whatever way we wanted, in our own styles without any plot or targeted meaning was nice. It gave our scenes the chance to grow and develop; to find new colours and characters.

Relieving the memories and moments that gave basis - the structure - to our sketches helped me find out more about myself. What I liked to do; why I loved certain things especially one you start recalling more because of one thought or moment. Scanning my life for the traces of these early, important moments helped me find insight about myself. Find about more about my stories and maybe, information about my future paintings and scenes. 

x tanisha (:    

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

• p e t a l s•


Every flower is unique. Special and different in its own way. 

I really love flowers. They're just so beautiful; so delicate and flimsy but the colours of their petals make them glow in the light whether dim or bright.

However the special quality about flowers for me is the meaning behind each delicate stem and carefully arranged blossom.

My favourite flowers are the Asian cherry blossom; the soft, light pink of a child's soft blush - natural and fragile. 

I really love the meaning behind the cherry blossom. It's very fragile and has a short life span which is why it's known as the transient of life. In Japan a fallen cherry blossom represents a samurai's life because in an story, a cherry blossom tree grew on the lands of a Samurai for over a hundred years. When the Samurai became old the tree began to die. The Samurai grew very sad over his beloved tree's death. He was a brave and honorable man and thought of a way to save his tree. 

One night he committed the ritual suicide under the tree. His essence mingled with the tree's and within one hour, the tree began to blossom and continues to live even to today.

That story is really beautiful to me because of what it represents. If I visit Japan I would love to try and see  that cherry blossom tree.

A cherry blossom is also the sign of female dominance. 

In the language of herbs the cherry blossom is the symbol of love.

That's probably why the cherry blossom is my favourite flower. It means sacrifice, love, and has some feminist qualities.

x tanisha (:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

c a n d l e s

Today I went to Ikea with my mum to buy some bits for the houses when I saw some scented candles at the candle section. Scented candles bearing the scent of lemon, vanilla, cherry and chocolate. Candles that reminded me of my friends in my old school.
Last year my friends and I pick a name out of a box - a small, dusty cardboard box covered in scribbles and old inside jokes - and there would be a name on it. We had to buy a scented candle for that person and the scent would have to represent them. 
My friend Molly and I kept on getting each other's names every year and we kept on buying chocolate scented and lemon scented candles for each other. They were pretty candles; one soft yellow and the other a dark brown.
Seeing those candles today reminded me of them so I decided to buy the flavours that my friends repeatedly got every year - one for each of them.

x tanisha (:

Thursday, 6 September 2012

∂nd the white merged leaving nothing but a s c a r

My glasses broke the other day - one arm fell off, leaving it disfigured and scarred. I thought that it appeared unusually pretty; whole on one side and distorted on the other - unique. My vision remained the same when I balanced the pair of the ridge of my nose; I was tempted to leave the arm buried under the vast, polluted ocean that is my bag but I went against at that thought and with the superglue and double tape I fixed the arm back on. Superglue and double tape are amazing - they can fix almost anything, however they can eternally attach a sock onto the curve of your fingertip. Fun.

Anyway, this is my hi˚hey˚harhar-whateveryoumaycallit hello post. This will blog consists of my random literary attempts among whatever I feel is important. My thoughts, things I want to share.

Random thoughts accompanied by writing and maybe more superglue. c:

Superglue is the Superman of stationery. Overrated but effective. 

:) x