Thursday, 6 September 2012

∂nd the white merged leaving nothing but a s c a r

My glasses broke the other day - one arm fell off, leaving it disfigured and scarred. I thought that it appeared unusually pretty; whole on one side and distorted on the other - unique. My vision remained the same when I balanced the pair of the ridge of my nose; I was tempted to leave the arm buried under the vast, polluted ocean that is my bag but I went against at that thought and with the superglue and double tape I fixed the arm back on. Superglue and double tape are amazing - they can fix almost anything, however they can eternally attach a sock onto the curve of your fingertip. Fun.

Anyway, this is my hi˚hey˚harhar-whateveryoumaycallit hello post. This will blog consists of my random literary attempts among whatever I feel is important. My thoughts, things I want to share.

Random thoughts accompanied by writing and maybe more superglue. c:

Superglue is the Superman of stationery. Overrated but effective. 

:) x


  1. Love the playful tone of your language and sense of humor you are using in this poignant little piece. Excited to see what else you share. How about a picture of the glasses?

    Also do not forget to Label (Tag) all your posts.

  2. Replies
    1. Even better than fluffy bunnies? c:


    2. well I mean, the Fluffy Bunny, UNSTOPPABLE. LOL but this was really good, sorry late reply, the annoying thing is that you cant tag people.

  3. lol that is awesome.... i should really start writing some serious stuff.....