Sunday, 30 September 2012

S e a s & †rees

Different scenes painting many pictures; some bright and joyful some grey and dark. Dark, cool greens; whirling, energetic blues; a shock of the brightest yellow.

Painting these pictures were okay; it was somewhat enjoyable but not frustrating. Sticking to one representation of an object, keeping it present and not dithering was a little hard. I found that drawing our pictures in whatever way we wanted, in our own styles without any plot or targeted meaning was nice. It gave our scenes the chance to grow and develop; to find new colours and characters.

Relieving the memories and moments that gave basis - the structure - to our sketches helped me find out more about myself. What I liked to do; why I loved certain things especially one you start recalling more because of one thought or moment. Scanning my life for the traces of these early, important moments helped me find insight about myself. Find about more about my stories and maybe, information about my future paintings and scenes. 

x tanisha (:    

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