Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Okay, so this usually isn't a topic I ever talk about but I am overcome with pairing feels and the emotion so I've decided to release it onto my castle in the air.

I bet it would flood the moat.

Anyway, I'm just so incredibly obsessed with Gadge. The pairing between Gale Hawthorne and Madge Undersee; two characters in The Hunger Games. Two of my favourite characters who I ship and love. They're one of my tags in tumblr–one of my one true pairings.

I sound like a lovestruck fangirl but it's true. I love Gadge. The way they clash, their interactions the small lines of canon in Catching Fire and what could've been.

I'm still angry how Madge died in Catching Fire–the second of the book of the Hunger Games–in the bombing. I mean, why. It was bad enough that Suzanne Collins used Mockingjay as an excuse to end the GalexPeetaxKatniss love triangle but using Madge as a way to do it rather than sending our lovely scowling miner away into District 2 would be so much more interesting. 

Another thorn in my side about Mockingjay is Finnick's death. It happened in a whirlwind of chaos and terror that I'm not even sure it he was properly given the death worthy to him. I mean he was developed, lovable character who I adored and he just died; killed with some confusing paragraph describing how Katniss magically developed telepathic powers and looked into Finnick's mind.

But that's another blog post.

xx tanisha (:

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