Wednesday, 14 November 2012

a whisper

The whisper of the willow trees mingling with the soft lullaby of a stream instantly stirs up memories. It relaxes me, calms me; makes me feel wonderfully calm and content without any negative emotion tainting my blood. 

It morphs me into something timeless.

A fragment of the wind–constantly moving, frequently searching but always stubbornly never changing. The gusts of air whether vengeful, soothing or tragic will remain rushing throughout the world; the rays of sunlight kissing flower's petals.

Everlasting. Unforgettable. There.

I don't know why but willow trees and small, quiet streams always elicit a change in me. They make me into one of them–a graceful, eternal willow tree. They weave a spell made from their music though seemingly non existent is present. Always there if you're willing to listen. 

xx tanisha (:

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