Thursday, 17 January 2013

discount shops

I love discount shops. They're like large spaces filled with bits and pieces of people's lives and forgotten fragments of the past–from nail polish to faded Mario plushies they have everything once valued and once loved by someone.

I recently found a really amazing discount shop in Plaza Singapura which was massive and had these sparkling glass displays with different things inside them; a plushie showcase, O.P.I nail polish for eight dollars, trading cards, video games, sweaters, panda clocks and watches, accessories and many other little things. I found some really amazing bargains there–especially the nail polish which was a mere $8 compared to the usual $20 price. It was in amazing colours; deep blues tinged with shadowy purples, light greens, glimmery silvers with the slightest touch of turquoise and dusky, ripe reds.

Another thing I really love about discount shops is the little silver keys used to unlock those sparkling showcases filled with forgotten memories and once used items. They cluster tightly, glowing like moonlight in the darkness; the only way to free the inhabitants from their shining mirror-panelled prison.

I think I'll go back again sometimes.

tanisha x (:

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