Monday, 14 January 2013

The Delhi Gang-rape News Story

In Delhi a women and her boyfriend boarded a private bus after watching a movie. The six men on the bus as well as the driver, stopped it and threw her male companion outside. They then raped her repeatedly, abused her and tried to run her over. After the terrible ordeal, they left her bleeding profusely with severe injuries on the street. She was sent to a hospital with brain injuries and was the victim of a heart attack. She died in a hospital in Singapore; her organs shutting down. Her brutal rape and murder sparked riots, protests and rage for this helpless victim in such a horrible situation. Many are still protesting for rape laws, death penalty and holding candlelight vigils for rape victims. More rapes continue to be committed after this awful incident.

I feel the facts in this article are that "six men boarded the bus" and her last words "I want to see those men burnt alive" among some others like the injuries sustained the fact they flew her out to Singapore and how the male companion was the only witness. However some things that might have been made up are where she died as in some articles they said her organs were shutting down in India yet in others they did not; the details of her death got very murky and muddled up towards the end. Also another thing which might have been exaggerated is when the witness said the six men were lying in wait for them. Possibly that may be true; but it might've been six men who were merely drunk while inhabiting the bus and the fate which was inflicted on the victim may have happened to any unfortunate girl.

Some of the things that differed in the articles were that in one page the article had subheadings and a slideshow of pictures with captions underneath displaying the people affected by the gang rape and otherwise. It was a more professional website while in another it was shorter, less organized and detailed. It also looked and the writing style was less professional and informative. Another article had many pictures and a nice layout; the writing style was more like putting the facts out there rather than connecting with it.

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  1. I love how you mentioned, "the writing style was more like putting the facts out there rather than connecting with it."

    This balance of ideas and facts and being able to connect are exactly what we will be exploring next.