Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Book Thief

The character I'm going to blog about is Death.

I learned that Death is not an evil figure who lusts for blood as a person needs water but is a slightly sad  one who goes about his business simply. He is not a character of a one track mindset of evil but can be happy, sociable and congenial shown by the quote "I most definitely can be cheerful. Amiable. Agreeable. Affable. The three A's."

However, he is not nice shown by the his askance of "just don't ask me to be nice." He isn't an anything-goes, you can walk all over me person. He is hardened from his job but also finds the routine of it depressing but finds relief and relaxation in colors. Colors are his holiday, his redemption. "I vacation in increments. In colors."

I also have learned he is an observant person. He has developed a gratefulness for the colors around him, their shades and fragments as how he mentions "A single hour can consist of thousands of colors. Waxy yellows, cloud-spat blues" he notices things.

The setting/mood of the scene is slightly dreary, whimsical and a little cynical with brief splatters of emotion in the form of color. 

peace ☯

Peace, to me,  is usually futile, stretched out during long periods of time. Sometimes it is calm and steady; a relentless and unbroken sheet of pale snow. However–like snow–it can be dissolved to mush and murky grey as easily as you cut a thread.

It is a fragile spiderweb, strung together by many layers and sparkling in the sunlight; a beacon, an idol of beauty and awe. But it can be broken with a single swipe, torn into shattered layers and limp strands. It is a china vase painted with beautiful designs and patterned with glowing blues, lined with soft barely visible creams; in the rays of dawn and the moonlight illuminating water's surface. 

Peace is awed over, inspired by, romanticized and desired. 

It is a tool used by strategic world leaders but also present in everyday life be it a pause between the battle of two birds or a temporary truce between different groups at school. A pact between countries; a law. Peace flows through everything, fragile but strengthened by the belief placed in it.

An enigma, a oxymoron.