Tuesday, 5 March 2013

i'm fine

From the millions of posts on tumblr, instagram, facebook, twitter, you name it you will always find several hundred posts displaying a person holding up a card with about fifty emotions on it ranging from sad to lonely to angry to depressed. All the emotions are scribbled out or replaced by a large 'I'm Fine'.

Those posts–though repeated, reblogged and shared to death–represent an accurate revelation. We hide our emotions behind a smile, a mask or the phrase consisting of two words 'I'm fine'. We might feel lonely or depressed or angry but instead of releasing our emotions and exposing them to the world we let the shadows engulf them. They slowly eat away at us while we release them on something else; confess them in between pages or by clicking the reblog button on a few anger appeasing posts. 

But why do we hide our emotions? Why do we make it seem like everything's vanilla and rainbows when it's actually storm clouds and tear ducts. Is it the fear of being judged? The awful, hopeless feeling that nobody will understand? Is it in those communities, there is safety in the knowledge these other people go through the same emotions too? 


  1. This is a really nice post and everything you said is true. Why do we hide our true feelings? A question that will never have just one answer. I'm currently working on a post myself that is about the same topic. Your post has given me a few ideas as well. Thank you!

    Sammie <3

    1. Thanks for commenting! c:
      Yeah I think that there isn't one true answer to the question too. I'll be sure to read your post. (:

      xo tanisha