Sunday, 28 April 2013

in that moment she was f r e e

I think they're many themes that recur in stories; love, fear, guilt, death. Those themes captivate us but are also found in almost every location, every place. I think these themes just envelop every genre of a book, they just perserve and endure throughout because they're so relatable and wonderful to read. They are powerful and emotional and just one of those things that make you stare breathlessly, savoring every second.

I think these themes say a lot about us as a race. Humanity is so incredibly diverse and widespread but equally terrible and great as we are we all experience certain things that bind us together. These themes show us this; we all love and fear–make connections and friendships. We live fully and die painfully, we grieve and we weep but we also smile with the strength of family. These themes tell us that humanity is something universal and strong but also fragile with a variety of interests and emotions; that we are intense but weak and tend to fall over our two feet.

We return to these themes because we can relate to them; they spark something into us, they open up pieces of ourselves and make us smile with aching hearts but healing minds. These themes reveal things and make us think about previous memories and past moments. I wonder how our mind interprets these themes though, wonder what would happen if we replaced them or shut them out. Are these vital to us or have we become so accustomed to them that we have made them a part of our lives?

I want to explore these themes further, the less explored ones and more unique ones that rarely surface in the world of ink and soft pages. I want to further see the psychology of these themes and thoughts, the ideas and concepts.

xx tanisha (:

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