Saturday, 27 April 2013



I've never had one but I've always wanted one. Being an only child has it's perks; no fights, no sharing, no annoying little child trailing after you. But it's not always that way. Sometimes, being an only child is lonely. There's no one to fight with, no one who will always be there for you and no one really trailing after you. The feeling you get when you see two siblings together is one of longing and loss but also a tinge of gratefulness.

My dog helped me through the more lonely years of fourth grade but I've also been blessed with friends who are like my sisters and cousins who resemble siblings too. But they aren't always there like a brother or sister and sometimes Skype calls aren't exactly the epitome of otherworldly connections.

But I also wonder, is the whole sibling thing exalted and uplifted? Is it really that great? Will it really change your entire life yet alone existence? It sounds kind of unrealistic and fabricated but who knows.

Then again everything happens for a reason and I've met people who are like my siblings. Maybe they'll be the aunts and uncles of my future children (if I'll have any) and the other things.

tanisha (:

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